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Ok no CNN story link in this post, just a post about something I notice more than I like to and a question.

Anyway I got into work this morning to see that the post I made about Elton John's statement about him banning organized religion if he was able to was up to 6 or 7 pages of posts. Instatly I knew what was behind the link would not be good, I could already tell that the flame wars must of gone on all night long. Then I read the posts, ok nothing that is different than usual in the threads I make that has any ounce of religion in it. But then I notice talks of me and how I might get banned for this and then I see the thread is locked.

Why is it that anytime I post anything about something going on in the world over religion a huge flame war explodes. Hell why do arguements insue over what I may feel towards a certain religion, and why is it that **** doesn't hit the fan until one certain person posts with blinders on? It is like I am not allowed to post anything that contains someone's views that goes against or doesn't agree with the christian faith without it starting a mother ****er wildfire of bible thumping and flaming. If I want to believe the way I do about religion and hatred between people let me, and if you want to believe that some Invisible Guy contacted Brady Games to write a strategy guide to life thousands of years ago more power to you. Just don't throw that ****ing book in my face every time I state something. It aint going to change my mind and it won't make me give a **** either your just wasting your time.

So here is a warning to people who may get pissed off at my posts.

Warning* I am an asshole, the stories I post and the views I state in my posts may piss you off, if you have a problem with it don't click on the link to the thread. I will not hold anything back because someone, somewhere at sometime might not agree with it. If you should feel the need to thump a book at me please ram your head into the wall I don't care. I only post items I think would make for good conversation, please do not **** it up for everyone else and make us stoop to your level. Trust me I have no shame, I will have no problem going lower than you, like I said....I am an Asshole. And I am proud of it.

Thank you.


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